The 2nd International Conference on Computing and Data Science (CONF-CDS 2021) was held online from January 28 to 29, 2021. The accepted papers have been published in IEEE CS CPS (ISBN 978-1-6654-0428-0). Professor Brian A. Barsky from University of California, Berkeley and Professor Venkatesan Guruswami and Professor David P. Woodruff from Carnegie Mellon University have given keynote speeches on related topics of computer science, big data algorithms, and cloud storage. Also, we invited authors of qualified papers to deliver oral presentations at the online conference. 7 authors have presented their studies of machine learning, semantic analysis, zero-inflated embeddings, and graph neural network. Questions from the audience were collected and answered by the presenters. This conference provided the participant with good opportunities to exchange ideas and build networks, and it will lead to further collaborations between both universities and other societies.


Title: Why its MCAS Computer System Should Not Exist
Presented by: Prof. Brian A. Barsky, Computer Science (EECS), University of California, Berkeley
Title:Erasure Codes for Efficient Repair in Distributed Storage
Presented by: Prof. Venkatesan Guruswami, Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: A Very Sketchy Talk
Presented by: Assoc. Prof. David Woodruff, Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Machine Learning in Unmanned Swarm Technology
Presented by:Prof. Ian R. McAndrew, Dean of Doctoral Programs, Capitol Technology University
Title:A Comparative Study of Credit Card Fraud Detection Using the Combination of Machine Learning Techniques with Data Imbalance Solution
Presented by: Mr. Faroque Ahmed, Bangladesh Institute of Governance and Management
Title:Annotated Corpus of Comments and Basic Semantic Analysis
Presented by:Mr. Semih Çelik, Vektora Information Technologies Inc.
Title: Attention Guided Multi-Scale Regression for Scene Text Detection
Presented by:Mr. Ge Huang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Title: Zero-Inflated Embeddings to Analyze Homicide Occurrence Patterns
Presented by: Mr. Mateo Dulce, Quantil, Colombia
Title: Node Augmentation Methods for Graph Neural Network based Object Classification
Presented by: Mr. Yifan Xue , vivo AI Lab, vivo, Shenzhen, China


Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computing and Data Science
IEEE CS CPS, United States